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Sometimes, I still smell you on street corners. When the wet lust of the sun lays a lung on us. One long breath between the piss and the matrimony of skin and [See More]

Phantom Parents

Jenny Scholten reviews Mothering Inside, a documentary film about incarcerated motherhood. When we consider prison, we imagine with dread an abysmal nothingness that is the partial fulfillment of basic needs and not much else. [See More]

The Planetary Dance, an Offering for Everyone

All photography by Sean Ongley The fifteen-mile drive to St. John’s from my home fostered many daydreams as a ride into the city will. I felt a spectrum of scattered thought-clouds from the last [See More]

The General Magic of Risk

Dani Tirrel’s The Beautiful pictured above. Tonight marks the final presentation of Portland’s Risk/Reward Festival of New Performance. Running for two weekends at the Artist Repertory Theatre, the festival features works that encompass [See More]


Wore it like a witch tracing fingertips along a silver belly. Snake River. Shivered twice as onyx trailed behind, once for me, once for mine. Pagan whispers bade, inch closer, further the [See More]

Feed Your Head

I remember suffering the idea of college throughout high school. While most of my classmates were off applying to universities far and wide, I was not, and I recall a formative alienation [See More]

Goat’s Milk

A gentle cup in overflow finds the form of a shape so patient. Thumbs bristling inward graze on skin sprawling as a field of heather scented of earthy kin. They motion toward [See More]

Abandoning Expectation

The delusion we have of expectation and reality is that they ever meet. They are strangers and star-crossed lovers at best. Even if the details of our day go almost exactly as [See More]

Somebody Loves You, Kiesza

  It’s more than clear that Kiesza sips her inspiration straight out of one of those Disney collectible cups from the 90’s. Hell, she probably has Roseanne playing in the background of [See More]