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No Blemish But the Mind

Admittedly, I’m not as familiar with Shakespeare as I’d prefer to be. Despite having taken a class on his work in my senior year of high school, my knowledge and recollection of [See More]

Cat’s Cradle: Movement and Connection

Last Wednesday, I was privileged to witness an informal performance titled “Cuerpo Migrante” (Migrant Body) by La Barbacoa Danza Contemporanea, a modest dance troupe hailing from Morelia, Mexico. We met at Performance [See More]

Genesis I

  Shallow drags summon the fate of one more fag. Sulfur scented lightning flash queues the unmet tolerance of oxygen sacks. We lack a name for a famed feeling whose greeting startles [See More]

21st Century Zeitgeist

Paul King and Walter Jaffe of White Bird Dance meet us at the stage of the Arlene Schnitzer Concert Hall once again to introduce Nederlands Dans Theater 2. It’s been over a [See More]

Gender Studies

Cassandra Boice’s Gender Tree sparks a conversation many here in Portland want to have. Imagine descending a small flight of stairs into a hallway partially illuminated by quivering fluorescent lights. Alright, they aren’t actually [See More]

down: The Rabbit Hole

“I feel like I’m dissolving.” Clarity is a residence that we can’t always make out from a distance. It assembles itself sometimes only when we’ve exhausted the trail leading up to it. We know it’s there. [See More]


Our fickle yolk takes center stage atop cerulean coastal mountain plains. Hastily it dissipates and spreads its fiery golden legs on the horizon. With this comes a climax carving out relief for centuries gained [See More]

Blood & Glass

Blood & Glass

The Visual and Visceral Snow by Virgin Blood Virgin Blood is a moniker for artist Felisha Ledesma, and she performs Wednesday at Turn Turn Turn, alongside The Dead White, as part of Creative Music Guild’s Outset [See More]

In Spirit of Being

I’m nearing my seat as my ears are met by the buttery notes of Bing Crosby’s “Love in Bloom.” I quickly nestle in, Merlot in hand, shortbread awaiting an eager tongue. With [See More]