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Worst Monday Ever

Portland Experimental Theater Ensemble pushes the manila envelope in Procedures for Saying No. While the Portland Experimental Theater Ensemble (PETE) brings a good amount of anarchy to any topic, it’s clearly carried [See More]

A Tourist’s Point of View

The visual diaries of Wim Wenders concludes “Portraits Along the Road.” Concluding Northwest Film Center’s Wim Wenders retrospective are some of the German director’s far lesser-known works, many of which are documentaries. I [See More]

Empathy for Ahab

OR, THE WHALE BREATHES NEW AIR INTO THE SAILS OF A SINKING SHIP Coinciding the end of its run with the Fertile Ground Festival, Portland Experimental Theater Ensemble (PETE) adapts Juli Crockett’s [See More]

Misunderstood: One Witch’s Story

“BROOMSTICK,” A PLAY ABOUT A WITCH WITH AN IDENTITY CRISIS COMES TO ARTISTS REPERTORY THEATER The lights come up on a witch’s cottage complete with a wall o’ potions and a number [See More]

Sex With Strangers (and people you think you know)

Laura Easton’s play about writing and sex in the eBook age comes to Portland Center Stage Perhaps it’s fitting—given the audience’s expectations—that the setting of Laura Easton’s play about two writers trapped [See More]

How would Kafka point a gun?

The Artists Repertory Theater kicks off its season with Theresa Rebeck’s meta-comedy The Understudy. In a scene midway through Theresa Rebeck’s glimpse into the world of theater understudies, the question is repeatedly [See More]

Two Davids Talking: One Famous, One Regular

A Movie Based on a Book Based on an Interview About a Book: James Ponsoldt’s The End of the Tour I’ve never read Infinite Jest. Due to its half a million-plus word [See More]