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Going Big on the Central Eastside

A Design Week PDX Panel takes on a big question: How does the city keep the Central Eastside industrially fertile? Hanging at the front of the room where Bora Architects hosted the [See More]

Too Significant to Ignore

Too Significant to Ignore

The sound landscape of AJ Cornell and Tim Darcy is a forest of poetry and experimental noise. “Spit of the 1980s,” a track on Andrea-Jane Cornell and Tim Darcy’s new album Too Significant [See More]

Fit to Outlast

The idea that everything is impermanent lasts in the group art show at PICA, The Lasting Concept. The first piece of The Lasting Concept exhibit at PICA’s headquarters downtown is Bill Hayden’s and [See More]

Now Begins a Long Time of Loneliness

“The Left-Handed Woman” is an unlonely story of being alone. In a scene from the opening ten minutes of Peter Handke’s “The Left-Handed Woman,” Marianne picks up her husband, Bruno at the [See More]

Local Tide

Local Tide is charged  by the memory of the physical being  brought to you digitally. I am staying at a sublet and there is no wi-fi. There is no television. I sit [See More]

Undress The Monster

Frankenstein: A Cabaret is a modern-day folk-opera about female sexuality, desire and creativity. Much grabs the attention in The Broken Planetarium’s presentation of Frankenstein: A Cabaret even before the show starts. On Thursday [See More]

The Science Effect

The Science Effect

Inquiring Minds Podcast, “The Science of Gun Violence” In episode 106 of the Inquiring Minds podcast, host Indres Viskontas interviews psychology and communications professor Brad Bushman about gun violence. The two talk [See More]