Forest Bathing with Christina Sullivan

Featured Image by the artist’s sister, Carolyn Sullivan. Ottawa Painter Christina Sullivan is having her first art show ever in Portland. When Christina Sullivan was studying ecosystem reforestation in Ottawa, she was [See More]

Brightening the Noise

Simplicity marks the art, music, and life of Alejandro Ceballos After meeting Alejandro Ceballos, it took months to learn that he was a painter. I think he is one of these folks [See More]

We’ve Been Trumped

Mike Daisey deals the Trump card to lift the curse of the white liberal. This review of The Trump Card, performed last Sunday at Newmark Theatre, attempts to build a narrative concerning [See More]

Reflections of Donovan M. Smith

Young creative entrepreneur talks about his provocative clothing line and his hometown of Portland. The first time I met Donovan Mickey Smith was on a late-night Tri-Met city bus heading north to [See More]

The Curse and Blessing of the Fanboy

My relationship with Death Grips and any other cultural obsession I’ve had. April 25th, 2011: a screaming came across the sky. I personally was not there to witness this mysterious and sudden [See More]