Things That Tie Together

Many forms of genius are better than one. There is athletic genius, the kind demonstrated from professional dancers and athletes. In the case of, for example, the Super Bowl, that genius has [See More]

A Dream of Blood and Soil

Bodyland by Oded Graf & Yossi Berg A man awakens within himself like a child in awe and moves on to do wondrous things in his reality rediscovered. What at first appears [See More]

In Good Company at The Office with Mad Men

Mixing and mingling after the 60-something minute show, at downtown Vestas building on the third floor, I pause from devouring veggies, cheese, and wine for a moment to reflect, “I am in [See More]

Furloughed to the Now

Venturing far from their UK home, BalletBoyz presented The Talent to Portland Tuesday night at the beloved Arlene Schnitzer Concert Hall. Upon hearing their name, I found myself struck with this phantom nostalgia that I couldn’t quite [See More]

The Illusion That Anything Ever Happened

There seems to be a vacuum that opens up in Togetherness. That is a true statement taken alone. The italics indicate that we’re talking about Danielle Ross’ latest work, which debuted this [See More]

Relationship is Life

Dance+ 2014, Program II Last week, Paula brought you a review of Program I for Conduit’s Dance+ performance series. This annual cross-disciplinary merger of talent has been running for three years. Essentially, [See More]

Hidden Power: Dance Plus Performance Series

Dance+ Performance Festival, Week 1 Last night was the opening of Conduit’s annually curated performance festival. It’s a chance to see local and regional artists reaching across disciplines to collaborate on new [See More]