What Is Design Week?

Everything is design, design is everything, and Portland is a microcosm. Design Week Portland is neither a week nor is it design. Actually, it is more than that. The provocative event spans [See More]

Empathy for Ahab

OR, THE WHALE BREATHES NEW AIR INTO THE SAILS OF A SINKING SHIP Coinciding the end of its run with the Fertile Ground Festival, Portland Experimental Theater Ensemble (PETE) adapts Juli Crockett’s [See More]

Undress The Monster

Frankenstein: A Cabaret is a modern-day folk-opera about female sexuality, desire and creativity. Much grabs the attention in The Broken Planetarium’s presentation of Frankenstein: A Cabaret even before the show starts. On Thursday [See More]

Her Desperate Prayer

Source Material offers Nini Julia Bang upon migration to Portland The Headwaters Theatre is not a large venue, but when you remove the seats it is obviously smaller. For A Thousand Tongues, [See More]

Chamber of Secrets

it’s really hard :: Alembic Artists Showcase It’s the same damp walk every time to Performance Works NW. I’ve only attended three performances here and yet somehow it rained each time. Maybe it’s [See More]

T:BA:15 as it Happened to Jen

Holcombe Waller: Requiem Mass: LGBT/Working Title  Go to Holcombe Waller: Requiem Mass: LGBT/Working Title alone or with someone you could sit with for hours in silence without giving a second thought to. Arrive [See More]