T:BA Digest Day 5: International Hassle

We’re post mid-week T:BA now, it’s Friday morning and hurdling in to the weekend. Time to catch up on the happenings and what to look forward to. Lets start with the prior [See More]

T:BA Digest DAY 4: A Bridge Near-Far

All right gang, its Monday, we’re back to work and the week is slowing down. On Thursday, things ramp up until Saturday when it all pops. Sunday there will be that somber [See More]

T:BA ’12 Digest DAY 3: Push It

The flavor of Angela Mattox is really pushing through with the performances I have witnessed so far. It’s a change that I welcome, although it is challenging. And my problem seems to [See More]

T:BA DIGEST Days 1 & 2 // A Slow Start

I have been attending the Time-Based Art Festival (T:BA) presented by Portland Institute for Contemporary Art (PICA), every year since 2007, exactly half its entire lifespan. What one begins to notice, year [See More]

Day 4: Bridgetown Rewards Program

If you’re reading this, you’re either reaching for the last possible thread of Bridgetown or you’re watching life pass you by and need a distraction; perhaps things are more grey than that. [See More]

Day 3: I’m Never Invited to the Party

No preamble is necessary here; let’s get straight to it. Risk!, at Bagdad Theater was the first show I attended last night because I am attracted to storytelling like it’s the ultimate [See More]

Day 2: Very Little Stand Up

On day one of this great comedy convergence in Bridgetown, Portland, OR, I was driving north from Ashland, OR, after a 4½-month sojourn of the southwest in my ’86 Toyota Tercel. Although [See More]