New Players at the Heart of Portland Jazz

Portland Jazz Festival slipped by like a stealth bomber, like an underground speakeasy, like a super-hip fad, like so many things we can’t all see. The annual flower of PDX Jazz draws [See More]

Dancing Fingertips of Joëlle Léandre

Joëlle Léandre rips it. She leans in to the double bass with eyes sealed shut to block out all but tactile and audible information. It is self-imposed sensory deprivation because improvising is difficult—making [See More]

The Modern Man

Tomorrow’s Modern Boxes by Thom Yorke Three months ago, Thom Yorke followed up his debut solo record, Eraser (2006, XL Records), with the most computer-based full-length album to date: Tomorrow’s Modern Boxes. It [See More]

Your Staycation Could Be a Music Festival

The fourth annual Quiet Music Festival hosted by Disjecta, curated by Chris Johanson, softened hearts and ears last Friday and Saturday (June 27-28). Surrounding a stage only two feet above the concrete [See More]

Pregnant and Loving It

Daniel Trudeau is a widely published unknown artist under the moniker Pregnant. He has a catalog of original music releases, a nice collection of videos, but nobody has signed him exclusively. Start-up [See More]

Movement is the Summit of Improvisation

This year’s Improvisation Summit of Portland, produced by the Creative Music Guild, happened to fall on one of the busiest weekends of the year, marking the beginning of that marvelous summer season [See More]

T:BA Day 5 | Don’t Blow It

The Blow is a girl making up girls with another girl. At least that’s what I gathered from last night’s performance We Put It Together So We Could Take It Apart. Melissa [See More]