Arts Review



Spooky electro artist Lota released the Amarantia EP last month on Pakapi Records The haunting introduction may lead you to believe that a droning synth-noise album is in store. As soon as [See More]

Torrey Pines Makes a Great Road Trip Companion

Remember the nineties by getting to know Clyde Peterson. Portland’s screening of Torrey Pines will be special for you if you choose to go. And why not? It’s a Monday night! Presented [See More]

How To Capture a Hemisphere

World Wide Wall tells the story of the Portland Mercado Mural. In the fall of 2014, two artists were chosen by Hacienda CDC to collaborate and represent Southeast Portland’s brand new mercado as a haven for [See More]

Colonialism, Spinsters, and Hillsboro

Bag&Baggage stakes its place in Hillsboro history Last Friday night, I finally accepted the curtain call from theatre company Bag&Baggage to review one of their productions. The Drowning Girls just happened to [See More]

Bolero + the Rising Tide

NW Dance Project opens its 13th season on a high note with Bolero + Three world premieres opened NW Dance Project’s 13th season last night at Lincoln Hall and the stage transformed [See More]

Froelich’s Ladder is a Promising Debut

Jamie Duclos-Yourdon’s character-driven novel offers a new frontier. Froelich arrives in Oregon in the fall of 1851 after a long journey from Germany. During the trek, I imagine him distracted with visions [See More]

The Chronology of Color

Qasim Naqvi’s musical response to the art of Pippo Lionni I received my copy of Chronology several months back. Composer Qasim Naqvi had asked me to review his forthcoming album before the experimental/electronic [See More]

We’ve Been Trumped

Mike Daisey deals the Trump card to lift the curse of the white liberal. This review of The Trump Card, performed last Sunday at Newmark Theatre, attempts to build a narrative concerning [See More]