This Could Be Your Neighborhood

Our Town sets the bar for the fall season at Portland Center Stage. With Our Town, directed by Rose Riordan, opening another theatre season at The Armory, Portland Center Stage demonstrates they [See More]

Waiting for, well, Whatever You Want to Be…

Death comes to us all. Tragically, for some, that dreaded expiration date is sooner than later. However low this indefatigable cloud of doom hangs over our life journey is irrelevant because there [See More]

How would Kafka point a gun?

The Artists Repertory Theater kicks off its season with Theresa Rebeck’s meta-comedy The Understudy. In a scene midway through Theresa Rebeck’s glimpse into the world of theater understudies, the question is repeatedly [See More]

Post5 to Grow Onward Post Boice

Just as a single year of our lives can pose unlimited opportunities for change, Post5 Theater has faced its own since its conception four years ago. At its dawn in 2011, it [See More]

Belonging to Nowhere

Reflections of Asian life in the west are cast in The Theory of Everything. In the play by Prince Gomolvilas, a group of friends and family hang out on the rooftop of The Love [See More]

Inside Shakespeare’s Bardo

This week, Post5 Theatre exposed themselves unabashedly for being irreverent Shakespeare producers, by performing The Complete Works of William Shakespeare (Abridged) Revised. And Saturday night, they wrap up the Shakespeare season with [See More]

The Liar Is A Charming Villain

As I trotted from the concession stand to Alder Stage at the Artist Repertory Theatre with hands full of shortbread, coffee, and a magazine-program for The Liar, I found my seat without [See More]

Abandoning Expectation

The delusion we have of expectation and reality is that they ever meet. They are strangers and star-crossed lovers at best. Even if the details of our day go almost exactly as [See More]