Inside the Red Doors

The 5th Annual Oak Street Art Show offers celebration and a much-needed dose of inspiration for one young man. It was sometime in the winter of 2013 that I found myself caught in a [See More]


Celebrating National Poetry Month, Thru Magazine will publish poems every Friday in April. Commencing the commemoration of the  is Jen Scholten. Prerequithoughts: an ongoing, ever-expanding collection of poems. I. Pipe dreams — [See More]

Where We Begin: Two Poems

We All Remember (Cabin Kids) We all remember the running and playing how we cursed darkness and dinner bells, tumbling in at dusk’s very last moment before the sky winks the day [See More]

Dance of Petals and Other Poems

Dance of Petals These flowers coronal quivers of gold heavy headed they nod sweeping sway of yellow dancing white petaled wild spring meadow washes over me bouyant in a breezy field Birds [See More]


Rethinking Happily Ever After After putting a good dent in my laundry pile, after making up the futon and folding quilts, after swiffering the linoleum, baby wipes on a cold, well-used kitchen [See More]

Este Does Not Make TV

Este Does Not Make a Movie premieres in Portland on January 20th at Clinton Street Theatre. Estevan and Nicholas Munoz join Sean Ongley for a look inside the reflection of the selves [See More]


Illustration by Jen Scholten I want to be a mother. Want to harness life inside of my own body. Want to validate and make use of this healthy hearty womanbody that I [See More]


The Final Installment of “The Man I Never Met” Chapter 2 – Cont. I never did like big crowds, I said to Walter, but I still couldn’t shake him. Bruce Walter was [See More]