Chasing Treadmills

I go to the gym. Why I go, let me qualify that. I go to the gym to relax, because I’m always stoned. I need something to counteract it. If you’re a [See More]

We’re All Online

I visited the Internet today. I went… online. Such is a word that seems to be losing meaning. There never is a time that we are offline. At home, your desktop is [See More]

My Generation

I recently turned thirty and it’s natural at that time to begin reflecting oneself against the shadow of your life. One of the first things to look at is, “Are you married?” [See More]

Good Buy Economy

Our Economy, modern capitalism and democracy, is all about “The Good Buy”. Every day, you will have a conversation like, “How much did you pay for that, where’d you get it?” “Salvation [See More]

From Dirty Lenny to Louis: Pryor Trends

I’m always ready to give credit to Lenny Bruce for contemporary trends in stand up comedy, alongside friends Mort Sahl, Jonathan Winters and the other “sick” comics, to whom we owe our concept [See More]

Hacking Bad

A few months ago, I watched a television program on Netflix and it had me obsessed, completely. I began to relate to the characters, sympathize and worry about them. This is unusual [See More]