Treat Her Well

Never let those Vans dull. Bromance exists in a half second hug. Avoid the Hollister kids in their shiny rides earned solely from parents’ paychecks. Try to finish high school. Strive for [See More]

A Shattered Green Color

A Shattered Green Color What hangs from my eyes as I look down? Crystal pendulums spinning in the sunlight’s rays. Maybe they spin in fear of something new being on the other [See More]

The Trailing Stars & Other Poems

The Trailing Stars It is summer, and soon the Perseid showers I have gone from my desert home I wander far from crowded towns my feet here in grassy, bee clover on [See More]

To Behold The Witch is an Act of Dreaming Itself

Featured Image  by Stephanie Leet. Title  from Amanda Ackerman’s The Book of Feral Flora. I’m swimming in a horse’s eye as it is being carried to school In pieces, in a wheelbarrow Where [See More]

Night Return and Other Poems

Poems by Anthony Ritchey night return television mother (goodnight my son) wife bottle brother (first & last lovers) * * * allow me to be with you in this box in my [See More]

Letters to Marshall From Eger

A Poem by Arlo Voorhees It’s a world of sacrifice, ain’t it buddy? Of course you knew that when you hung up your traveling sneakers and shelved your wild notebooks in favor [See More]


I am everywhere I am sitting on your head I am raining on your home I don’t even try I shower but I smell I keep mum but I shout I chipper [See More]


Celebrating National Poetry Month, Thru Magazine will publish poems every Friday in April. Commencing the commemoration of the  is Jen Scholten. Prerequithoughts: an ongoing, ever-expanding collection of poems. I. Pipe dreams — [See More]

Where We Begin: Two Poems

We All Remember (Cabin Kids) We all remember the running and playing how we cursed darkness and dinner bells, tumbling in at dusk’s very last moment before the sky winks the day [See More]