A Great Time to Blame Bush

George W. Bush Jr. looks at his own gallery, April 2014. “Their vacancy, their stubborn refusal to offer anything beyond the most basic signal of a famous person’s identity, is precisely what [See More]

It Stops Today!

When I heard about the shooting of an unarmed black teen in Ferguson, Missouri, it felt like old hat news, something that would disappear in a few days. I was hearing about [See More]

Don’t Stare at The Sun

There is a truly disturbing reality for citizens of the Middle East nations. The most powerful militaries and wealthiest nations, such as Iran and Saudi Arabia, manage to keep relative peace, much [See More]

It Was Never About Oil.

Even when gathered with tens of thousands of folks in Los Angeles, along with Slash, Jackson Browne, and Martin Sheen, chanting “No Blood For Oil! Not In Our Name!” there was something [See More]

Yellowism Ain’t Merely Bullshit

I heard about the Rothko controversy a while back and decided to have a look at what seemed like a hyper-intellectual form of graffiti: Yellowism. It happened right after I moved in [See More]

You Are Responsible

We live together in a time of unique volatility. It seems this is the first time in history we have advanced technologically to the extent that we have the capacity to wipe [See More]