War & Peace


It Starts Today

Protests have dwindled in America since the onset and passing of the holiday season. This time of year has a way of breaking up our worst behavior, no matter what cultural persuasion [See More]

Goalkeeper of the Syrian Civil War

Abdel Basset Sarout joined the Syrian resistance against the regime of Bashar al-Assad through public appearance at protest rallies in Homs, June 2011, when military crackdowns on public demonstrations became increasingly violent. [See More]

Deconstructing ISIL (Part 3)

Official White House photo by Pete Souza The Red Line: Intervention in Syria and Iraq On August 21st, 2013, a chemical attack targets a Syrian rebel-held territory near Damascus, with surface rockets containing [See More]

Deconstructing ISIL (Part 2)

The Arab Spring On the seventeenth day of December, 2010, in Tunisia, Mohamed Bouazizi lit himself aflame  after a lifetime of struggle with oppressive police conditions and poverty. Mohamed’s final act of life [See More]

Deconstructing ISIL (Part 1)

The New Face of War News about “The Islamic State” has been circulating widely since August 2014, when President Obama ordered a prolonged campaign of airstrikes in Iraq. The average news reader [See More]

Don’t Stare at The Sun

There is a truly disturbing reality for citizens of the Middle East nations. The most powerful militaries and wealthiest nations, such as Iran and Saudi Arabia, manage to keep relative peace, much [See More]

Israelites Pray for Gaza After Bloody War

Featured image by Gloucester2Gaza. The troops of Israel have retreated but stand their ground, protected by drones and tanks, having fulfilled their mission to destroy the terror tunnels used by terrorist organization [See More]