Horizon at End Times


Rus Archer Ep.33

Rus Archer returns to Horizon at End Times and we talk about economics and existence as economic humans. Having recently returned from an extensive period of travel, he, like many, face the [See More]

Stacey Tran EP.32

Stacey and I talk about THE POPE and his visit to the United States. His shockwave caused the resignation of John Boehner, the pivotal center of my monologue and starting place of [See More]

Jeff Simmons – HET Ep.31

Jeff Simmons, community radio guru, and myself, chat in freeform and celebrate the end of marijuana prohibition in Oregon. Candid talk and open curiosity elevate us into orbits around bits of the [See More]

Linda Hagood – Episode 30

Join Linda Hagood for not just another Horizon at End Times, but the 30th. Her visit to Portland included a chat with me the day after performing at the Quiet Music Festival. [See More]

Drennon Davis – Ep.29

Join Drennon Davis and Sean Ongley who geek out on music, talk about meditation, remember the road of life and the bands that we loved, on the Horizon at End Times podcast. [See More]

Maggie Maye – Ep.28

Joining Sean Ongley for the Horizon at the End Times podcast, from Austin, Texas, comedian Maggie Maye, recorded during Bridgetown Comedy Festival at the DoubleTree Hotel in Portland, Oregon. Maggie was featured [See More]

Arrington De Dionyso – Ep.27

Old Time Relijun reunites after more than six years on May 1st in Portland at Mississippi Studios, and May 2nd in Olympia at Obsidian. Joining the Horizon @End Times podcast is their [See More]

Jesse Munro Johnson – Ep.25

Talking focus and a life of music with Jesse Munro Johnson, organizer of the world music label Boomarm Nation, composer of all music by Gulls. A thriving musician while also being a [See More]