Horizon at End Times


Turiya Autry – Ep.24

Turiya Autry is a poet, teacher, and performer. She is performing her one-woman show, Roots, Reality & Rhyme as part of the Fertile Ground Festival 2015. We talk about education, power dynamics, youth [See More]

Tim Ledwith – Ep.22

Talking with comedian, Tim Ledwith, whose quick climb to funny could not have been acheived without a life of tremendous experience. His light can not be eclipsed by the darkness from which [See More]

Ben Kulp – Ep.21

Talking with Ben Kulp, a cross-disciplinary artist and programmer, whose basic structure for an automatic poetry application intrigued me enough to sit down for a chat exploring his unique path in life. [See More]

Linda Austin – Ep.20

Talking to choreographer of contemporary dance, Linda Austin, about her life and times developing herself in New York City before founding a Performance Works Northwest in outer southeast Portland, Oregon, nearly fifteen [See More]

Jordan Dykstra – Ep.19

Viola musician, recording artist and composer, Jordan Dykstra joins me to discuss his new album and the process of becoming in Portland, Oregon. Moving back to the Los Angeles area to start [See More]

Shane – Ep.18

Reaching back over a year to my second ever podcast attempt with Steven Schneider, aka Shane, and we titled it The Obvious Podcast. This is a rerun as it were. Shane is [See More]

Kyle Drake – Ep.17

Bitcoin enthusiast, miner, software engineer, now entrepreneur, Kyle Drake joins me in my necessarily windy living room for a chat about his projects and the bubbling ocean of The Internet. Can the [See More]

Larry Yess – Ep.16

Prying open my love vibes with Larry Yess, we talk about our early lives, recording on 4-track tape, Daniel Johnston, and many things in a stream of talk. And after moving in [See More]