Horizon at End Times


Carson McWhirter – Ep.15

Musician and songwriter, Carson McWhirter and myself bond over mutual interests after years of casual acquaintance. We discuss our shared meditation practice, the music scene, a DMT experience, and other related topics. [See More]

Todd Guess – Ep.14

Artist, Todd Guess and I discuss the art of dying, the process of living, and a smattering of topics throughout an expansive conversation. Religion, economics, meditation, and ourselves are juggled for what [See More]

Rus Archer, Dan O’Hara, Ep.13

A casual backyard bullshit match becomes enlightening radio at Dan Ohara’s house in North Portland. We happily glaze over a gamut of topics as the beers crack. Andrew joins us as well. [See More]

Emma Gohlke | Episode 12

A candid chat with visual artist Emma Gohlke whom relocated to Tucson just months before this interview, recorded December 30th, 2013. This was my last night in Tucson for a long time, [See More]

Andrew Michaan | Episode 11

Talking from Griffith Park in Los Angeles with Andrew Michaan, a Portland comic who recently relocated to the great city of film and television. He became locally famous for Comedy is OK [See More]

The Ego of Artists | Episode 10

A common thread is joined between two conversations featuring a one on one with Ayanna Berkshire at Cafe Tropical in Silverlake, Los Angeles, discussing the act of being an actor, and a [See More]

Jean-Paul Jenkins | Episode 9

Musician and embodiment of improvisational creativity, Jean-Paul and I sit down after home made burritos for one of the more relaxed chats I’ve had on this program. So much so, I had [See More]

Ohioan | Episode 8

Ryne Warner is Ohioan, and like anyone, a dude that can talk some shit over coffee and hash browns at the Waffle House. During a busy Sunday afternoon, we chat about the cities we [See More]

Douglas Mallette | Episode 7

Douglas Mallette is an Aerospace Engineer that has applied his knowledge toward solving real economic issues through sustainable agriculture as Founder of Cybernated Farm Systems. We discuss some basic details of the [See More]