Join the Team

THRU Media LLC seeks partners in the development of an exciting, forward-looking media startup. A comprehensive group of creative individuals, each to their own specialities, will allow for this site and its mission to grow. Contribute to this exciting new vision by joining the team as a partner. The following positions are open to be filled immediately. Please use this general submission form to introduce yourself.

Partnership Opportunities

Site Administrator

Responsible for maintaining all THRU-owned WordPress sites. Site Admin maintains security standards, works with the provided hosting platform, recommends and implements upgrades and new features. SA reports to the Technical Supervisor.

Business Developer

Responsible for recommending and implementing strategies toward monetization for THRU Media LLC. Business Developer acts as the ambassador to sponsors, investors, and manages campaigns on crowdsourcing platforms. BD reports to both the Chief Editor for related content toward campaigns, and to the Publisher to request executive action.

Social Media Ambassador

Responsible for maintaining all THRU social media accounts. Social Media Ambassador recommends and implements social media campaigns but does not originate materials for campaigns. SMA reports to Chief Editor.

Content Contributors

Responsible for posting content, while following editorial guidelines, via the THRU platform. Contributors develop original or collaborative ideas for text and multimedia pieces, choose events, and adhere to deadlines given on a per-post basis. Contributors report to the Editors.

Partnership Guidelines

New personnel joining THRU Media LLC must negotiate a partnership agreement prior to acting on its behalf. Nobody at this company is receiving wages or compensation for work at this time. By adding value or “sweat equity” to the company, you earn the opportunity to reap profits when they come. We will work in full faith with each other to open up revenue streams and share profits according to the partnership agreement.