Privacy Policy

THRU Media LLC assumes your right to anonymity and privacy.

Advertising here is prohibited and we therefore do not collect personal data. We encourage you to be educated and vigilant about your privacy. For example, our Google Analytics account does not collect personal data, such as age, gender, ethnicity, and personal interests, as we have opted out of AdWords. Sites that use software to target you are rampant. We hope to provide an alternative. Only software of great integrity is used here. The content management system here is WordPress and we use third-party plugins such as Jetpack to block spam.

If you sign up for our email list or subscribe, we do not share your account information with anyone. Our privacy policy will be better refined with continued development. Users who elect into our Network must agree to the terms of creating a Wordpress account, as it is powered by Buddypress. We feel that this compromise is a wonderful alternative to other social media platforms. THRU can only develop a brand new, free, anonymous, and secure social media system with wide support from its user base. If you support our efforts, please subscribe here.

Featured Art: Nick Walker “Anonymity” (photo © Jaime Rojo) via Brooklyn Street Art