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Hold Your Breath

How John Berry and Others Could Have Survived It was past two in the morning when the vintage buzzer to my apartment — the one connected by a single phone line from [See More]

It Starts Today

Protests have dwindled in America since the onset and passing of the holiday season. This time of year has a way of breaking up our worst behavior, no matter what cultural persuasion [See More]

It’s Our Time!

On December 6th, to culminate the afternoon’s peaceful march through downtown Portland, Don’t Shoot PDX protesters regrouped in front of the Justice Building to establish goals and discuss ongoing strategies. Afterwards, the protest organizers handed [See More]

Breathe For Justice

Publisher’s Note: The creative expression below is to be interpreted in the area of slam poetry because the writer improvises from her emotional instinct. As a protester, the writer offers a serious [See More]


Submitted by Sean R. Ongley The weight at the top is not as light as the spirit from the bottom whose plight never stops. A stranglehold is not a class problem. Education [See More]

This Land is Your Land

A Reworking of Woody Guthrie’s Revered Folk Song Submitted Anonymously Eastern island to western redwood Muddy waters in between them This land was made for you and me He walked a ribbon [See More]

I Need Answers

Submission from Dizzy Wright A music video by Dizzy Wright featuring Nikkiya reverse the interrogation process and conveys a powerful message of police violence and the injustice suffered by African Americans everywhere as [See More]

Urban American Gothic

By Mefore Aday, Pacific City, OR This is a painting about how common fear and panic are effortlessly inter-weaved into our society. Our common thread in America is fear. We all fear [See More]

I Am Michael Brown

A Poem by Evan Wheeler of Philadelphia, PA Tears are running down my mother’s face Police call saying I was gunned down for a trumped up case My fears became a reality [See More]