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To Behold The Witch is an Act of Dreaming Itself

Featured Image  by Stephanie Leet. Title  from Amanda Ackerman’s The Book of Feral Flora. I’m swimming in a horse’s eye as it is being carried to school In pieces, in a wheelbarrow Where [See More]

Stacey Tran EP.32

Stacey and I talk about THE POPE and his visit to the United States. His shockwave caused the resignation of John Boehner, the pivotal center of my monologue and starting place of [See More]

Pure Surface Turns One

Pure Surface new performance series celebrates its first anniversary. Over the past year, Pure Surface has explored the collaboration of different forms, with the bodies and minds of multi-disciplinary artists coming together in [See More]

The Illusion That Anything Ever Happened

There seems to be a vacuum that opens up in Togetherness. That is a true statement taken alone. The italics indicate that we’re talking about Danielle Ross’ latest work, which debuted this [See More]