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Ominous Om´s and Hellish Horseheads

You know you’ve found yourself at an absurdly deranged theater show when during the performance you begin silently scribbling to yourself the following;                     [See More]

Post5 to Grow Onward Post Boice

Just as a single year of our lives can pose unlimited opportunities for change, Post5 Theater has faced its own since its conception four years ago. At its dawn in 2011, it [See More]

No Blemish But the Mind

Admittedly, I’m not as familiar with Shakespeare as I’d prefer to be. Despite having taken a class on his work in my senior year of high school, my knowledge and recollection of [See More]

Gender Studies

Cassandra Boice’s Gender Tree sparks a conversation many here in Portland want to have. Imagine descending a small flight of stairs into a hallway partially illuminated by quivering fluorescent lights. Alright, they aren’t actually [See More]