About Thru Media

Every story contains the world.

THRU is about people reflecting the world with multimedia. We are a production company that also publishes original content on our blog and for community media channels. Contributors may submit from anywhere in the world. Independent researchers, writers, and producers are welcome to join up. Our editorial process aims to bring subjectivity to light. We are unbroken by the false objectivity that the corporate media projects. There is no objective journalism. The writer is the writing. The description is not the described.

Thru Media LLC is based in Portland, Oregon, and its managers act as Publisher (Sean Ongley) and Chief Editor (Kathleen Dolan) of the blog. We happily offer for hire all the creative personnel and technical services that go into the content of this publication. Please inquire using our contact page if you have any questions.


To publish content that reflects the world through relationship, wields the power of media to fill social-economic gaps, enhance participation in the arts, and to provide new opportunities for anyone willing to branch out.


THRU began in 2015 from the intellectual matter of several people collaborating on a blog. Arts reviews associated with a defunct non-profit (InterArts) merged with the Sean Ongley’s personal blog and podcast, Horizon at End Times. After fumbling with a few different names, THRU was suggested by Kathleen Dolan. We felt that it expressed the subjectivity of our voice. With modest crowdsourcing, the first year of baseline expenses were secured with the product of a magazine in mind. The effort continues to evolve amidst challenges to the publishing industry.

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