No Blemish But the Mind

Admittedly, I’m not as familiar with Shakespeare as I’d prefer to be. Despite having taken a class on his work in my senior year of high school, my knowledge and recollection of [See More]

When You Can’t Hear Outside the Noise

For some reason, I keep confusing the name for “Slaves” when I am thinking about Tribes, the play currently running at Artists Repertory Theater in Southwest Portland. Supposing it was called “Slaves” [See More]

What is Erotic?

Women talking Sex: A Collaborative Take on Eleanor O’Brien’s What is Erotic? “What is Erotic to you?” was posed to the audience in a closing song and dance number at a performance of [See More]

Gender Studies

Cassandra Boice’s Gender Tree sparks a conversation many here in Portland want to have. Imagine descending a small flight of stairs into a hallway partially illuminated by quivering fluorescent lights. Alright, they aren’t actually [See More]

The Tracks of Truth and Lies

at a crossing, past and present collide in Nancy Moss’s Deception. The opening scene of Nancy Moss’s new play, Deception, introduces us to Anne Winter just as she is receiving a surprise [See More]

In Spirit of Being

I’m nearing my seat as my ears are met by the buttery notes of Bing Crosby’s “Love in Bloom.” I quickly nestle in, Merlot in hand, shortbread awaiting an eager tongue. With [See More]

Family Ties and The Mariel Boatlift

Five men and one woman traveling from Cuba to Florida are stranded on a fishing boat aimlessly drifting off course after a troublesome storm. They are exiles from Cuba during the summer [See More]

No Man to Save Women in Intimate Apparel

We are talking about a woman whose life rests in the hands of another woman but risks her life for the hand of a man. Thirty-five year-old African-American woman, Esther simply wants [See More]