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21st Century Zeitgeist

Paul King and Walter Jaffe of White Bird Dance meet us at the stage of the Arlene Schnitzer Concert Hall once again to introduce Nederlands Dans Theater 2. It’s been over a [See More]

Things That Tie Together

Many forms of genius are better than one. There is athletic genius, the kind demonstrated from professional dancers and athletes. In the case of, for example, the Super Bowl, that genius has [See More]

A Dream of Blood and Soil

Bodyland by Oded Graf & Yossi Berg A man awakens within himself like a child in awe and moves on to do wondrous things in his reality rediscovered. What at first appears [See More]

Furloughed to the Now

Venturing far from their UK home, BalletBoyz presented The Talent to Portland Tuesday night at the beloved Arlene Schnitzer Concert Hall. Upon hearing their name, I found myself struck with this phantom nostalgia that I couldn’t quite [See More]

Spring Fever with Ballet Hispanico

The final work of the 2013-2014 season, White Bird presented Ballet Hispanico at the Arlene Schnitzer Concert Hall on the last day of April. It seems fitting. The weather just beginning to [See More]

Four Sides to a Boxing Match: ROCCO

Last night’s performance of ROCCO—the final presentation of White Bird’s 2014 “Uncaged” season—left quite an impact. Emio Greco and Peter C. Scholten are Dutch choreographers and long time collaborators. They put together [See More]

Reborn in Stillness

Like Lazarus Did Presented by White Bird Dance March 6-8, 2014 To a frustrating degree, the Stephen Petronio Company is purely mesmerizing with Like Lazarus Did. Why that frustrates me is because [See More]

Particularly Physical | Sydney Dance Co.

As I traveled by car on the way to the Schnitz, merging from HW-30 to I-405 in post-rush hour traffic, in the drivers seat, making my decision to merge right, cooperating with [See More]